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Department of Immigration considers Offshore Resources Industry Visa Pathway.

Written By Will Aldous
Wed, Feb 12, 2014
Will Aldous

The Australian Immigration Department are seeking to introduce a visa, to commence on 30 June 2014, which would permit people working in the resources sector overseas to come to Australia to conduct their business. Previously, there was confusion as to which was the most appropriate visa to hold for such people.

Currently, the Government is seeking to consult with interested stakeholders, as to how the visa application should take place for both onshore and offshore applicants and what, if any, visa conditions should apply to this proposed new visa. Some of the issues being considered are as follows:

• How many visas for a company’s workers would be required.

• Should current Australian Employer sponsorship obligations apply to the sponsored visa applicant, for the purposes of the proposed new visa.

• The nature of the supporting documentation to be provided, that would support the claim that they will be engaged in an activity in Australia, on behalf of an overseas resource activity.

• Should the visa be made available to dependents of the main applicant.

We are at the first stage of this consultative process. However, TSS Immigration would welcome any written submissions from interested parties and pass them on to the Immigration Department on your behalf. If you would like to be included in submissions, regarding this visa pathway, please do not hesitate to contact TSS Immigration to speak with one of our Immigration Solicitors or Registered Migration Agents.

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