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Changes to Skilled Occupation Lists

Written By Micaela Hoglund
Thu, Jan 18, 2018
Micaela Hoglund

After extensive changes to the Skilled Occupation Lists for Australian working visas last April, The Department of Home Affairs has released further changes to the lists of eligible skilled occupations.

The deadline for The Government’s proposed changes to the skilled migration programme in March is rapidly approaching. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for employers and applicants to understand their rights and obligations given the increasing frequency of changes.

These new changes to the lists include the addition of several occupations, as well as others moved from the STSOL to the MTLSSL, or removed entirely. There have also been changes to certain existing occupational caveats* which exclude the use of the occupation in specific circumstances.

Three occupations, which were previously unavailable on either list, will be added to the STSOL:

  • Property Manager (ANZSCO 612112)*
  • Psychotherapist (ANZSCO 272314)*
  • Real Estate Representative (ANZSCO 612115)*

Two occupations have been moved from the STSOL to the MTLSSL:

  • Horse Breeder (ANZSCO 121316)*
  • Management Consultant (ANZSCO 224711)*

Two occupations have been completely removed from all lists:

  • Building Associate (ANZSCO 312112)
  • Hair or Beauty Salon Manager (ANZSCO 142114)

Six occupations will remain on their respective lists but are subject to new and/or amended caveats:

  • Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec (ANZSCO 141999)*
  • Management Accountant (ANZSCO 221112)*
  • Massage Therapist (ANZSCO 411611)*
  • Recruitment Consultant (ANZSCO 223112)*
  • Supply and Distribution Manager (ANZSCO 133611)*
  • Taxation Accountant (ANZSCO 221113)*

The changes will only impact applications lodged on or after 17 January 2018.

View the complete list of eligible occupations on our website.

For further detail on these changes please visa The Department's website.

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