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Business Traveller’s Tip – Check Your Passport Before Booking Your Flights

Written By John Unger
Tue, May 9, 2017
John Unger

Passports are issued with expiry dates. It is, therefore, logical to assume that you can use a passport right up to its date of expiry.  However, this is not always the case.  Some countries will not admit people with passports that are due to expire in the near future. 

It is traveller’s responsibility to ensure they have sufficient validity on their passport for their travel. Where a business traveller arrives at the airport and is turned away by the airlines, however, the matter can quickly become a problem for an HR manager.

Countries set out different requirements re the validity a passport must have on entry.  For example, some countries want validity for at least three months beyond the period of their intended stay.  Others require validity for at least six months from the time of entry.  This can lead to a degree of confusion, and it may be prudent to be guided by the general advice of the Australian passport office that countries may refuse entry to people with less than six months’ validity on their passports beyond the period of their intended stay.

Australian passports generally take 3 weeks to renew, but priority service for an additional fee can guarantee the issue of a passport within 2 business days.  Obtaining a new passport for a foreign country through an embassy, consulate or high commission in Australia can take three weeks or longer in many cases.

Recommendations to business owners
We recommend recording passport expiry dates (in addition to visa expiry dates) in your 457 case management database and, where possible, setting alerts around passport expiry dates.  Ideally this would also include the passport expiry dates for the family members of your sponsored employee.

We recommend ensuring that your international pre-travel checklists include checking your employee’s passport validity and the passport validity requirements of all destination countries.

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